Oliver Lerone Schultz

The New School, cc by-nc-sa
conference participant

Studies in philosophy, history of science, and ethnology, followed by research in media theory, embodiment and theory of performativity (FU Berlin 1999-2003). Oliver co-initiated several independent media projects like the globale-Filmfestival, laborB* (both 2003-2010) and Visions of Labor (2007/08). Bridging different fields of reflection and theory, he was active as curator (e.g. Zerklüftete Zukunft/Fractal Future, 2007; labor mov[i]e, 2003-2010). He was also active in the conception of trans-academic events: Utopische Körper/Utopian Bodies (2003); Travestien der Kybernetik/Travesties of Cybernetics (2005); Mapping Anthropotechnical Space (2007) - some collected under the label eXpolar.de (2005-2007). This was followed by research on Imagecultures at Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (2010-2011), resulting in the publication IMAGE MATCH. Oliver joined the Center for Digital Cultures in its early formational phases (2011), becoming co-curator of Post-Media Lab. As such he is deeply immersed into network-building in the contexts of new media culture, as conceptioner/curator of a whole range of post-media related events, workshop and exhibitions. He is co-editor and -author of Provocative Alloys - a Post-Media Anthology, part of the PML-Books series (http://www.postmedialab.org/provocative-alloys-post-media-anthology). In a curating role he was, most recently, responsible for Video Vortex #9, Re:assemblies of Video (2013) and was involved in its recent hybrid publication format (interlace.videovortex9.net/). Starting 2014 Oliver will be Principal Investigator within the project Making Change with the Common Media Lab - scrutinizing questions and contexts of collective vision and social change in  globalized societies and media-spheres.

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