Video online: Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2012 / Andrew Feenberg

You can now find videos of the Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2012 by Andrew Feenberg in our video archive.


Just click on the videos on the right or browse through our video archive by using the dropdown menu on top of the page. The video was filmed at/by the Embassy of Canada on 1 February 2012. The lecture was moderated by Kristoffer Gansing.


With the Marshall McLuhan Lecture (a cooperation between transmediale and the Embassy of Canada), the transmediale invites a figure in the Canadian cultural landscape, whose work expands on McLuhan’s media theories in the context of contemporary culture and society, to present their insights. Andrew Feenberg is Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Technology at the School of Communication of Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC). Among his research interests are philosophy of technology, Critical Theory, the Internet, and Japanese intellectual history. His work combines an approach based on Critical Theory with concepts and methods drawn from the field of Science and Technology Studies. His lecture Ten Paradoxes of Technology presents a philosophy of technology. It draws on what we have learnt in the last 30 years as we abandoned old Heideggerian and positivist notions and faced the real world of technology.