First post on the transmediale archive blog - a manual

Welcome to the first post on our transmediale archive blog. We would like to tell you a bit about what you can expect here.


There will be different kinds of posts:

1. We will be updating you on our digitising process and on our results of the DCA project of Europeana co-funded by the European Union.
2. Former transmediale curator Thomas Munz will be posting about a series of artworks from the past festivals. With "from the transmediale archives"  he will be compiling a selection of projects, which provide insight into the restructuring of the festival archive and pick up moments in the history and development of transmediale.

3. We will report on our current state in documenting the last transmediale (i.e. uploading audio and video recordings).


To browse around in our archive, use the drop down menu on top. You can select browse all content if you would like to explore the content (participants, artworks, panels, etc.) of the past festivals. In the photo and video archives, you find selected photo and video material from the past. Choose past festivals in the menu, if you would like to see the old websites of earlier transmediale festivals.


If you want to hear more recent news on the transmediale archive, follow us on twitter.


Enjoy our blog!