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The transmediale archive is digitizing media art history. If you have ever been a participant in transmediale or VideoFest, we would like to include your works as a part of the DCA project (Digitizing Contemporary Art) of the “Europeana” European Union program for preserving cultural heritage. Please come visit the transmediale archive in the green room, and ask us more about the project. Read full post.

Julien Maire at iMAL (photo: Alexandre Causin)

In the course of the various editions of transmediale, there have been a number of individual artists frequently presenting their work in the festival's program. In this context, the transmediale archive with its building up index of photo, video and audio materials also intends to contribute to the general documentation ressources of these projects. Read full post

Welcome to the transmediale archive community image quiz! We, in the archive are in the process of cataloguing all our documentation of previous festivals in order to make all the data available for researchers, artists and students interested in the history of digital and video art. Read full post

Thank you all for having attended transmediale 2k+12 in/compatible. We are still working on adding video and audio material to the archive to give you all the chance to watch or listen to what you have missed or share some highlights with other people who are interested. Read full post

Welcome to the first post on our transmediale archive blog. We would like to tell you a bit about what you can expect here. There will be several kinds of different posts about our digitising process in the transmediale archive, about specific artworks from past festivals and about documenting the last transmediale.

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